Caledonia Spirits

Caledonia Spirits is a craft distillery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We partner with farmers and beekeepers to source organic grains and raw honey for the production of our spirits.  Raw honey distinguishes our Barr Hill vodka, Barr Hill gin, and Tom Cat barrel aged gin by imparting a pure and soft botanical essence into each bottle.  All of our spirits reflect our deep connection to the land and Vermont’s agricultural heritage.

 Fourth of July Cocktails

What better way to celebrate the American landscape than by using seasonal, local ingredients this Fourth of July?

The Rhubie Can’t Fail is a perfect example of this. Barr Hill Bartender, Emma Sanford, had a surplus of rhubarb in her garden and was inspired to create the Rhubie Can’t Fail.

Pink Barr Hill cocktail with leafy garnish displayed on bar

2 OZ Barr Hill Gin

0.25 OZ Falernum

0.25 OZ Campari

0.75 OZ Lime Juice

0.75 OZ Rhubarb Syrup

Shake ; rocks ; thai basil garnish) 

The Timber Rattlesnake, while a take on an original cocktail from the famous Savoy in London, incorporates local honey to give you a taste of your agricultural landscape.

  • Foamy cocktail in champagne glass displayed with Tom Cat Gin and local honeycomb and honey

2 OZ Tom Cat Gin

1 OZ Fresh Lemon Juice

0.75 OZ Honey Syrup

1 Bar Spoon Absinthe

1 Egg White

Angostura Bitters for Garnish

2 sprays Absinthe for Garnish

dry shake ; shake with ice ; double strain into a coupe ; garnish with Angostura bitters and Absinthe

A Timber rattlesnake is an endangered species of rattlesnake found in Vermont.

(a play on the classic ‘rattlesnake cocktail’ c. 1930 by Ada Coleman and or Harry craddock at the Savoy hotel in London) they were known to say “this cocktail will either cure a rattlesnake bite, kill a rattlesnake, or make you see them”

Finally, celebrate the Fourth of July with Barr Hill, America’s Most Awarded Gin!

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