Vermont Solar Eclipse: April 8, 2024

Your personal safety is your responsibility — and our top priority.

April 8th's solar eclipse is a historic event and we look forward to people visiting Vermont to experience this natural wonder. As always, it's important to know before you go to your favorite ski area.

Be prepared. April in Vermont is a time of swift changes. Be prepared for swings in weather and conditions--and remember your eclipse glasses.

Plan ahead. Lodging at Vermont's ski areas is booked, with few exceptions. Confirm you have your tickets, a viewing destination, and a place to stay before you start the drive. Plan to arrive early. In case of delays,  keep a full tank of gas, extra food, water, warm clothing, and a charged cell phone accessible. It never hurts to over-prepare. 

Enjoy responsibly. Part of celebrating the outdoors is respecting them. To minimize risk, agencies and industries have partnered to limit event size or access to certain areas to allow operations, maintenance, and safety crews the ability to do their jobs effectively. For your safety and theirs, please obey all closures and warning signs.

Skiing and Riding

Reservations, housing, and tickets

Lodging at every ski area is sold out, with few exceptions. If you don't have a reservation at the area or in town, it's unlikely you'll find any. Ski areas do not allow RVs or overnight camping unless explicitly stated. 

Have a pre-arranged place to stay and plan to get to the lift line early to avoid a capacity cutoff (see your destination's website for details).

Arriving early

Traffic will be a factor eclipse weekend. Plan to arrive to your destination with plenty of time for the event, and if you have a place to stay, consider staying late. 

Many people will be sharing in this experience with you and it will be more enjoyable if travel times are spaced out.

Parking and Viewpoints

Parking Lots Will Be Full and Access Roads May Be Closed. Some areas are allowing the public to access parking lots to share in the eclipse experience, but its safe to expect full lots regardless. Please consider carpooling and leave plenty of time to get a space. 

Additionally, due to safety concerns, parking on access roads will not be allowed at most areas (unless otherwise stated). Remember to confirm everything on your destination area's webpage.

 Vermont State Park Viewing Options

Lift Access

Lift Access is as varied as Vermont's incredible ski terrain. Some areas will stop spinning in the hour leading up to totality; some will spin right on through the event for prime viewing; still other will extending operations later in the day to account for planned lift-stoppage. 

Check your destination area's policies for specifics or special events.

Prohibited Areas

Out-of-Bounds Skiing/Skinning or Entry to Closed Areas is Prohibited. Out-of-bounds areas are not patrolled, and with the number of visitors expected, Ski Patrol will be busy. With the eclipse taking place in the afternoon, there will be little time for corrective action before nightfall should you need assistance. 

Please respect closures for your own safety and that of Ski Patrol.

Uphill Travel

Uphill travel is not available at all areas where normally permitted. Confirm the eclipse rules at your destination prior to reaching for your skins, and remember to remain in designated areas. 

Ski Area Info

Remember to confirm all information on the destination area's webpage prior to your trip.