Mountain and Ski Safety: It's a Partnership

Vermont’s ski areas are committed to safety every day in their operations, but it’s important for skiers and riders to understand that they have an important safety role, too. It's worthwhile to take a few minutes to educate yourself about safety on the hill. Learning and practicing the updated Your Responsibility Code, being aware of your surroundings, using common sense and making good decisions will help you and other guests have a better day on the mountain.

Skiing and snowboarding are active, dynamic and exciting sports and they have inherent risks that cannot be eliminated, including risk of serious injury and death – this is why it’s important for you to be aware; know and follow Your Responsibility Code; wear a helmet and make sure you know how to load and ride lifts properly. Many skiing and snowboarding incidents are a result of participants traveling too fast or above their ability or colliding with objects or other guests. You can reduce the possibility of injury by slowing down and being able to avoid objects and people at all times.

Here are some important safety resources:

Your Responsibility Code Was Revised in 2022-23

Know the Code – It’s Your Responsibility

Your Responsibility Code has been updated to better reflect the language and changes to snowsports that have occurred since the last update. By using common sense and practicing Your Responsibility Code, you and others can have a safer day on the mountain.

Your Responsibility Code

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